Vikasa Yoga


Vikasa, a Sanskrit word for evolution. Vikasa yoga, the evolution of yoga is created by Konstantin Miachin.

Everything in the world evolves constantly, including human beings. Yoga can be seen as a tool to facilitate such evolution in any given individual. The “Evolution of Yoga” approach is based on integrating deep core work with precise alignment, combining active dynamic exercises with static poses from classic hatha yoga schools. Vikasa yoga alternating dynamic and static, pressure and deep relaxation, therefore exploring hatha or the yin and yang concept to its maximum potential, using the principle of hyper compensation. Evolution of Yoga is about challenging yourself with an ever progressing program in order to transform, optimize and balance to fine-tune your system. Core bodywork is integrated with precision breathing, through which the highest states of concentration can be experienced, which ultimately leads to meditation and expansion of consciousness, or – evolution!

To me, Vikasa style is a strong, progressive & challenging practice. It focuses on arms, legs & core strength as well as overall body flexibility, which can be tailored to all levels. We challenge the holding times in each asana to build endurance & ultimately achieve meditative state of mind. Our teaching methodology helps the student to break through and enjoy an experience that will leave you feeling awake, aware, and energized. Consistent practice of Vikasa yoga stimulates muscle toning/firming & fat burning. This style is suitable for those who desire in strength building & endurance, proper body alignment, gain body awareness as well as improve overall body flexibility.

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