Change of Perspective

After 4 weeks of intensive teacher training, I came back to where it all begun, in a different role.

The next day I met up with my teacher, Michelle, I shared all my experiences, things I learned & things I love in Koh Samui. She was supportive & invited me to co-teach with her. I walked into the middle of the studio, trying to share what I know, trying to make corrections on my fellow yogis. It feels so natural, doesn’t feel like teaching, I’d say it was more of sharing. That night, I received a message from one of them. “You are so different after the training. Come back with loads of confidence, well done!” Her exact words were playing in my head over & over again that night, it’s an impactful confident boost to my system. I was then offered to teach my own class in a yoga studio. Serine, the studio owner offered me a Tue class without doubting my ability to teach. Her trust allows me to start teaching immediately. I’ve been very lucky, to have great people lending their helping hand, making the beginning of my teaching path a silky smooth sailing.

A week later, I started co-teaching with Michelle in gym. The room was so cold, & I’ve not seen so many corrections need to be done in a class for a long time. When I speak, I need to throw my voice out as it was a huge room with 2 glass door front & back. So much to do yet so little time. My throat hurt after class even I was only speaking for 20mins. What a real life teaching experience. There are so much more to learn, to assess overall students level, to modify yoga sequences on adhoc basis, optimal voice control apart from being my true self!!

I came to realize that, I’m no longer the yogi who can be on my mat in class, focus only on my breathing & asana practice. I can’t just walk into a class, plan the sequence to my own liking & just do my thing anymore. With a change of perspective, my ultimate goal now is to inspire my students, to share what I believe is best for them, to be sensitive towards one’s feeling, to spread my energy, love & light…