My Yoga Journey

My first yoga class happened in 2004, it was a charity 1 month class held in an Indian temple with a huge group of 30-40 people. The classes focus on stretching & some basic asanas. After 4 classes, that was it, no continuation of learning opportunity. About a year later, I found this place offers yoga classes near my housing area, signed up immediately. It turned out to be more of a spiritual practice, we did mostly stretching & basic asanas. At that point of time, it was alright to me that I get my weekly stretches, & I thought Yoga is is all about the bendy stuffs. There was this one fine day, a hot day, I went to class with sleeveless top. After class the teacher approached me & said, ‘Please don’t wear exposing clothes to class, there are male students in class’. I was shocked & felt uncomfortable, it was just a sleeveless top & it matters so much. Thereafter I quit.

In August 2007, I was dragged into Michelle’s yoga class in gym. For the first time, I realized yoga can make a person sweat so much! It’s not just about stretching, it requires strength & worked my entire body. What amazed me most was, the transition from one asana to another, it’s flowing! (Well I’ve never tried vinyasa back then…). I walked out the class feeling so good & satisfied. After that I joined all the available yoga classes in gym, trying out different yoga styles & found my preferred teacher, Michelle. When Michelle open her yoga studio, Nirmaya in 2008, I joined her private class addition to gym classes. I was the first few Nirmayans, private lessons has given me so much learning opportunity on things that can’t be taught in a 60mins class in gym. Michelle has always push me to achieve more & advancing my practice. Yoga has became such an important part of my life, the best time of my day, is always when I’m on my mat…

It never crossed my mind being a yoga teacher, as it just doesn’t sound real. But I was hoping to advance my practice, hence a teacher training course might be a good experience. I started searching for options of yoga school, yet there was none really appealing to me, until I found Vikasa Yoga. This Yoga Alliance credited school is founded by Kosta Miachin, who created the challenging and ever- evolving Vikasa style. I was attracted to the concept of open minded & strong practice. After considering all the factors (e.g. teachers, location, venue, cost, duration etc), I gave myself an ultimatum, it’s ‘now or never’! In July 2013, I’ve finally realizing my dream, quit my job & flew over to Koh Samui alone. It’s exciting yet scary as I was worried about my capability in completing the course. This is the biggest risk I’ve ever taken in my entire life, I’m very lucky having all the support from my loved ones. This time, I follow my heart & trust my intuition, open a new chapter in my life…



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