Honoring Your Body

For the past 10 months, being pregnant has brought me into a new realization, to be more aware & connected to my physical body, more than ever.

To most women, main concern in being pregnant nonetheless is worrying your hip gets wider, belly gets flabbier & the fear in not getting back into pre-pregnancy shape/weight. I was in that shoe as well, hoping to be able to fit back into my yoga attire in 6 months time. However, never let such thought affect your food intake during pregnancy as ultimately, you wish for a healthy baby.

As a mother-to-be, I went through tons of changes psychologically & physically. Apart from the growing belly, hormones are going crazy within my body. First trimester was consistently tired, second was a breeze, last was heavy & restrictive. I stayed in my practice & teaching until I was 36 weeks pregnant. I had to modify my practice on a weekly basis as the same pose that feels open & good, might become tight & challenging few weeks later. I learn to listen to my body a whole lot more than I used to be, every breath & every movement. Besides, I too had to take a step back, to remind myself that yoga practice is not about how beautifully you can hold a pose, it is about the connection to your mind & body. Some people got worried/frighten seeing me doing inversions still during last trimester, some may thought it’s the ego to prove on strength. But deep down I was just doing what my body allows me to do, to make myself feel good. My practice is the only thing that never fail me, it keeps me sane & stay positive.


I delivered my baby girl, Athena at 37 weeks pregnant, she came unexpectedly early. 4 hours after labor, I was able to get down  from bed & walk around, chit chat with family, relatives & friends who visited at hospital & spent quality time with my baby girl. I was tired & sleepy from labor, but not exhausted. 2 weeks after my delivery, I was only 3kg back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Frankly, my body impressed me. My recovery was quick, I feel well & energetic even before my confinement ended (though being a new mom, I was deprived from sleep too!! It was yoga that helped me through my pregnancy, labor & recovery.

So, love & honor your body, it can do amazing things!



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